6 Resources that Help the Beginner Study the Bible

6 Resources that Help the Beginner Study the Bible

In March, we talked about a few things you should consider when reading your Bible as a Beginner.  You can check that out here.
Now, I want to elaborate a bit with you on this subject.  Everything I share here are things I've learned from personal experience.  My desire is to help those, especially beginners, step into their Bible Study time with confidence and eagerness.  
I know how overwhelming it can be.  It can actually be quite intimidating.  the Bible isn't always easy to understand.  I get it.  I have been there.  That's why I create these resources that help encourage you.
So, let's dive in!
Here are a few resources that have been super helpful in my Bible Study time over the last few years...
  1. Chronological Bible Study

Reading the Bible chronologically, as a beginner, was been game changing for me. It just helps it all make more sense. You are actually reading it in the timeline that it occurred.
I chose The Bible Recap by Tara-Leigh Cobble. It's a one year chronological Bible reading plan. She follows the ESV version of the Bible which is what I have! You can find the Bible study here. It breaks the Bible down in a year. This puts it in more manageable chunks each day!

2. The Bible Recap Podcast

Along with The Bible Recap study, Tara-Leigh Cobble, hosts a podcast where she recaps each day's reading in layman's terms. This has been incredibly helpful in understanding what you read. These podcasts are short and sweet. They are typically 6-9 minutes. The podcast format makes it easy to consume on the go as well. I love listening in the car or while I'm making my family a meal.

3. The Bible App

The Bible App is an app that is accessible for anyone with a smart device. It can be downloaded on your phone or tablet! You are able to read the Bible straight from the app. This makes accessing the Bible easy peasy from anywhere!
Fun tip: You can even choose to have the Bible passages played in audio form on the app! This has been a blessing for the squirrel brain I often have! I have found better focus some days playing the audio and following along with the words at the same time.

4. The Bible Project Posters

The Bible Project illustrated posters break down each Book of the Bible in sketch form! You can even find the posters in video form on the Bible App! Each book of the Bible is broken down in about 5-10 minutes on the app. These posters are a brief synopsis of each Book of the Bible. These are incredibly helpful to view before beginning a new book of the Bible. For me, it offers a summary of what I'm about to read which in turn gives me a better understanding with my study.

5. The Bible Handbook by The Daily Grace Co.

This resource is new-ish to me. But, like the others, helps breakdown the Bible as a whole. It offers details for the theme of each book of the Bible, the timeline it was written, the author, and what type of book it is. There is a detailed introduction to each book, an outline, and additional resources.

6. Bible Study Notebook

Lastly, a Bible study notebook to help your memory. Any old notebook will do! Or, you can check out our fun journals here. This one may be obvious, but so worth mentioning. There is a difference in just reading the Bible versus really STUDYING it. I compare it to when I was in school. I could simply read my textbook and not remember much of anything afterward. Or, I could choose to take notes and make notecards as I STUDIED and retain so much more that way.  Phylicia Masonheimer, from Every Woman A Theologian, suggests taking notes several days a week.  You don't have to do it every single day, but a few times a week will help you retain information so much better!
I pray these resources bless you and help you deepen your relationship with the Lord.
I want to gently remind you of a few things.
Your Bible study time won't be perfect. It may not always be quiet. You may not remember anything you read on a busy day. Something or someone might interrupt your time. You may not always understand everything.  Don't wait for the perfect time!  It may never be perfect!  Read your Bible with your dog at your feet or while the kiddos are running around pretending to have a Nerf war. :)
The important thing to remember is the Lord desires a relationship with you. He wants you to meet Him where you are. Ask Him to give you wisdom. The Bible says in James 1:5, "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him." That means he freely gives us wisdom when we ask. Ask Him to give you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of His word. Ask Him to help you tune into His voice.
Studying your Bible takes diligence and discipline. The result is beyond worth it. Look for the Lord in each passage you read.  Consistency is key.  If you feel He's been silent, time to open the Word! <3
You are loved.
You are prayed for.
-Cara, The Quiver Full Momma
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