4 Things to Consider as A Beginner Bible Reader...

4 Things to Consider as A Beginner Bible Reader...


It's been 3 years, WOW--- I just had to recalculate that to make sure I had it right, since the Lord flipped my life upside down.  I was in the midst of a very challenging season at that time.  I had been a lukewarm Christian for years (I've been very open and honest about that).  It was during this challenging time that the Lord continued to use a hard season to draw me closer to Him--- and boy, am I ever grateful!  Don't ever discount those seasons.  They can be used to draw us closer, prune us, and serve as reminders in the future. 

I was looking for hope in anything except the Lord.  But, once He flipped the table (figuratively) on my life, I would begin to feel the strong craving to dive even deeper into my relationship with Him.

I didn't know how to study the Bible.  I'd never really dug into the Bible.  I would open it up, thumb through until I found a passage that looked interesting, and close it.  That way the entirety of it for years and years of my life.  And--- I'm betting I'm not the only one who does that.

So, when I began to crave the Word of God, I didn't really know where to start.  I polled some devout Christian friends, who I thought at the time were "over the top"!  I laugh about this now and wonder if the Lord used this in my testimony because I'd guess most of my friends and family probably think I'm the "over the top Christian" now! :)

I'm still a baby Christian, though, well maybe a teenager.  I'm still learning so much as I go and I don't know everything.  I don't know the ins and outs of theology, catechisms, doxology, or any of that (I'd never heard of any of those words until the last year!).  But, what I can show you is what I do know and what I have learned....and that may help you, too.  Maybe you aren't sure where to start either...

So, If you're in the same place that I was 3 years ago, I want to tell you a few things that I've learned along the way-- things I wish I'd known sooner.  It would  really be selfish of me not to share.  We all have to start somewhere.



Here are 4 Things to Consider as

A Beginner Bible Reader....



1. Choose a version of the Bible that is easily understandable and translated accurately.

There are so many different Bible versions and not all Bible translations are created equal. As a matter of fact, some of them leave out important passages or twist the original version. Check out this funny Instagram reel by Phylicia Masonheimer about Bible translations.  You'll get a kick out of it!
Anyway, KJV is an OG version, right? But, it can be kind of hard to understand! And, if you are a beginner Bible reader, like me, then you want something that encourages you to keep reading.
My favorite version that fits this criteria, from my research, is the English Standard Version of the Bible. Or, in short, it's abbreviated as the ESV Bible.
I love the ESV version and chose this particular version in a journaling Bible for myself. You can view the one I have here. I loveeee it! Although, it took me an entire year to write in it. There's so much pressure in that first entry, right? Or is that just me?
Another helpful reminder from a beginner Bible reader... You are not tied down to one version of the Bible. Open up several versions and compare what they say so you can better understand the passage. If I come to a passage of scripture that is still not easily understandable for me, I will often use the NLT version (New Living Translation) to solidify what I think I just read!

2. Make a decision on how you read the Bible best.

You can choose to read a physical copy, an electronic version, or an audio style. Maybe, just maybe, you do all 3!
Did you know these were all options?!
I use all 3 ways to dig into the Word!
Sometimes, you just need the physical pages in your fingers!
Maybe, you're on the go, but have time at your finger tips to read your Bible. So, you crack open an electronic version on your phone or tablet. I love the Bible app (it's a little brown icon in the App Store)!
Or, perhaps you're driving and want to catch up on your Bible plan so you play the audio version and listen as you put the rubber to the road.
As a momma, you are the example to your kiddos.
They will see you reading your Bible and they will ask about it.
When they are curious, read the Bible aloud to them. Play the audio version on a speaker. Disciple those littles. :) Even if this is your first time reading the Bible and you feel less than capable of teaching them about it, you get to learn together! How precious is that?!
Often times, people like to say they don't have time to read the Bible. I think with creativity, discipline, and prayer-- we should always have the time.
And, it might just take some discipline and revaluation for you to get there!
My thought is this...
If God was sitting in the room with me today, would I have ignored Him all day? Oof! I know, that's a toughie to hear.
Your Bible reading time might not look like mine and it may change for each season you're in, but make it a priority in whatever season you're in. You'll learn His characteristics, His heart, and your relationship will grow.
My encouragement for you today...
Ask the Lord to place a desire in your heart to connect with Him through His word. <3

3. Choose a study that does more than scratch the surface of your emotions.

This is incredibly important to me. I feel so many devotions for women are surface level. They don't dive deep into the Word. Instead, they focus on our emotions and just making us feel good.
I want to KNOW the Lord. I want to KNOW HIS WORD. I don't want a verse cherry plucked from the Bible and then paired with a feel good page. (So, forgive me if I ever do this. I am still learning to keep verses in context, too! :) )
I personally chose to read the Bible in chronological order. I feel like reading in this order is helpful in understanding the Bible as a whole. And, if you didn't already know that the Bible wasn't written in chronological order, now you do!
Reading the Bible as a whole, or choosing a book of the Bible to study at a time, I feel, is the best way to study.
I used to be a softy for every bright colored, pretty cover women's devotional out there. But, it never scratched my itch in growing with the Lord. I'm thankful for that stepping stone, but the Bible, as a whole, is where I pray we all dig in. It is where we will get to know Him, His characteristics, His heart. It is where we will hear from Him.
But, if this is how you get started on your Bible reading adventure, then bless you! Because I want nothing more than your desire to know the Lord and His Word to grow each day!
Starting is the most important step.

4. Choose a way to recap and dig deeper into your understanding of what you read.

As a beginner Bible reader myself, I wanted a way to recap what I read. Something that would "translate" what I read in layman's terms. How many times do we read a passage and think..."what did I just read?"! Yeah, I needed something to avoid saying that after literally everything I read. I'm betting that doesn't happen to just me!
First, I would recommend praying about it! Before you begin your daily reading, ask the Lord to expand your knowledge and understanding of His word! He will help you!
Secondly, I chose a podcast-- The Bible Recap. This is the easiest way to recap for me. It takes about 5-9 minutes to listen along with the study for the day! I can listen and even take notes in the car while waiting in the pick up line at my son's school. This, my friends, is a win!
Maximize the time you have! We all have the same amount of hours in a day! Use those little pockets of time to the fullest!
Don't shy away from asking the Lord to reveal Himself through His word.
Ask Him to help you gain wisdom and understanding.


You want to know why I wrote this post?  I feel like there are so many Bible reading tools out there and so many wonderful theologians. As someone who is still a beginner, I needed a place that was EASY to start. I wanted to start with something that wasn't overwhelming or discouraging so I could stay the course.
I pray this helps you dig into The Word and really grow your relationship with the Lord this year. He wants you to meet Him where you are. The imperfect place. The imperfect person. The imperfect way. Whatever it may be, just show up.
Show up with kids in tow. Quiet time doesn't have to be perfect. They'll learn from you. <3
The reward is sweet.
Praying for you,
-Cara, The Quiver Full Momma
P.S. If you're looking for a way to get started with your own quiet time with the Lord, grab this FREE guide I created to do just that!  It's called--- Guide: 30 Minutes Quiet Time Routine.  This guide includes a chronological Bible study plan where you can read the Bible in a year.  
It's a great place to start for beginner's and seasoned Christians. You'll even find some challenges, and resources that follow.
You are loved, friend.
Just keep going.
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