3 Ways To Use Your Prayer Journal

3 Ways To Use Your Prayer Journal

So, you've purchased and received your prayer journal-- now what?

Where to Start?

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Let's talk about

3 Ways You Can Use Your Prayer Journal!


1. A Book of Letters to The Lord

Simply put, you can write the Lord letters just like you would your best friend.  It doesn't have to be complicated.  Just write whatever is on your heart and reveal it to the Lord.

2. P.R.A.Y.

P- Praise (Thank the Lord for all the wonderful things he's done in your life.)

R- Repent (Repent and ask for forgiveness.)

A- Ask (Ask the Lord for what you need.)

Y- Yield (Be still and quiet and see how the Lord leads you.)


3. A.C.T.S.

A- Adoration- (Give Praise to the Lord for how great He is.)

C- Confession (Repent and ask for forgiveness.)

T- Thanksgiving (Thank the Lord for all the wonderful things He's done.) 

S- Supplication (Bring requests for yourself and others to the Lord.)


Both the "PRAY" and "ACTS" methods are structured and very similar in action.

Praise God for what He's done. Repent and ask for forgiveness.  Ask for what you need.

The PRAY method gives you the opportunity to quiet yourself and listen for the Lord.  Often times, we pray and then move on about our day.  We forget to wait and listen for the Lord in return. 

Our days can be so busy and noisy.  If we aren't taking time for the Lord to respond to us, then we may be missing some crucial conversations.

This method gives the opportunity to pause and be intentional in your time with the Lord. 

These are both excellent guides to knowing how to pray.

I love teaching my kiddos how to pray this way, as well.  Often times their prayers, if unguided, end up being more like a Christmas wishlist. Ha! :) 

If I'm honest, I think we, as adults, often do this, too.  We just pray for what we need or want and we forget to thank God and repent.  Sometimes, we pray for ourselves and forget to pray for others or even vice versa, we forget to pray for ourselves.

Sometimes, structure can be necessary to keep us on track.



Sometimes, though, it's like speaking with your best friend.  

Just reveal to Him what's on your mind and in your heart. 

Prayer doesn't have to be complicated.  

Although, I hope that we will all learn to pray boldly in our lives. 

Document your prayers, but also document the ANSWERS to your prayers.

Many times, I've found myself feeling like the Lord is quiet.  

In those times, it's nice to refer back to the times where His answers were clear and see how His hand was always in the circumstances.  It's encouraging to see that sometimes answers take awhile to be revealed or that a "no" turned into something even better than we had prayed for.

So, be sure to leave a little space to write prayers answered and even date them!



My prayer as you receive your prayer journals and begin to use them, is that you will connect with the Lord on a deeper level.  

The more you pray, the deeper your relationship will be with the Lord.

The more you read your Bible and conversate with Him, the more you'll tune to His voice. 

Trust Him with all of your heart.

Praying that these journals will Encourage Your Walk With The Lord.



Stay tuned for a whole series on prayer tips!

You are loved.

You are prayed over.

-Cara, The Quiver Full Momma


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