The Summer of Motherhood: Motherhood Encouraged

The Summer of Motherhood: Motherhood Encouraged

Sweet Momma,

I want to share a story with you today.  

I recently had an opportunity to disciple one of my children.  If you haven't realized it, yet, motherhood is a daily discipleship opportunity for your children.  

Both of my kids have recently battled with "bad dreams".  Now, sometimes, I'm not certain they really had bad dreams or if they are using it as an excuse to sleep on the couch closest to our bedroom. :)  However, that's neither here nor there. 

There are genuine times when they wake from sleep and are hysterical or very visibly distraught.  It breaks my heart so many times because I know that feeling.  I've battled with "bad dreams" since I was a young child and still do as an adult.  I dream every single night and each dream is always sooo vivd and is almost never a "good" dream.  I happen to think this is a way for Satan to wear me down.  It might just be a battleground for spiritual warfare for me.  In recent days, I've prayed for the Lord to reveal more to me on this.

Each time my kid has a bad dream, it's a fight to reassure them that they are indeed ok and safe in our home.  But, I know exactly how they feel and I just want to scoop them up and hold the rest of the night.

One particular night, my youngest child was hesitant to even go to sleep. He assumed bad dreams were looming just around the corner.  He asked if bad dreams were real and why he had them.

This was a difficult conversation to have because I don't have all the answers myself.  But, this opportunity arose to show who GOD is!

I assured him that all good things come from God.  I also described Satan and how sometimes he can wreak havoc in different ways and fear is one of those ways.  He asked a lot of questions about Satan.  I gave him Satan's background history.  He called Satan "rude".  I told him he wasn't wrong and snickered to myself a little.

The most important thing I did was reassure him of who God is and what He is capable of.  That He cares for the things we care about.  I explained that God hears us and our cries for help.  So, we began to pray, like we often do that he would have good dreams.  But, this time was different.  I began to pray specifically that God would show up big and show my son just how powerful He is and how much He loves and cares for us.  I prayed specifically that he would have the best dreams and wake up to tell me all about it so we would know God answered our prayers. 

He went on to sleep and slept peacefully.  He woke up just before 7am, as he often does, and climbs in the bed with me as I read my Bible or listen to worship music.  He fell back to sleep for 2 more hours.  During those 2 hours, as he slept next me, I witness such an answer to pray and a true testament to God's character.

My sweet little boy began smiling and laughing in his sleep.  He did this twice.  All I could do was cry.  The goodness of God was on full display before my very eyes.  He answered my prayer with a YES and hug of comfort.  He allowed my sweet precious boy a good night's sleep and sweet dreams.  I have no idea what he was dreaming of, but it must have been just wonderful.  To smile and laugh in his sleep... he had no idea or remembrance of it when he woke, but what I story I had to tell him.  God answered his prayer with a great blessing.

We were able to give God the glory and he was able to feel God's power and care for him.  What a blessing and honor it was to experience this, share this, and disciple in this moment. God is so tender to our needs. 

As the years have gone by, I have wanted nothing more than to develop such a rich prayer life.  Part of that has been to pray specifically.  Praying specifically allows me to see God's handiwork and when he answers them.  If I pray broadly, I don't often see Him answering and feel He is distant.  When I pray to see Him and his work, He reveals His fingerprints on my life. 

My encouragement for you today, Momma, is to disciple your children.  If you choose not to, someone else will and that might be the world.  I encourage you to pray specifically and ask God to reveal himself to you. It is a wonderful thing to see God in His glory when you pray boldly!  What a treasure it is to experience an answered prayer for a need WITH your child.  Amen!


You are so loved.

Praying for you,

-Cara, The Quiver Full Momma

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