5 Laundry Tips and Tricks for Moms

5 Laundry Tips and Tricks for Moms

Laundry is one of the biggest struggles I hear about from Moms.

It piles up and gets completely overwhelming.

It's hard to manage and feels like it never ends.


How could I not include the wisdom I've learned over the last several years on tackling laundry in The Summer of Motherhood Blog Series?!

So, let me explain to you something.  Before kids, I was fine getting our laundry done.  It was only the 2 of us.  Easy peasy!  However, as soon as I had kids and the exhaustion kicked in, it would pile mountain high.  I would be so overwhelmed and didn't have a clue how to keep it on track.  

As my kids started sleeping better and growing older, I came upon several tricks I wish I had known sooner.  So, if you're a new mom or a seasoned mom, I think you'll find something helpful here.  My children are 6 and 8 years old.  So, the wisdom I've learned is up to this season of our life.  I'm sure there's more to come. :)


In all seriousness, I hope these tips change your life and let you lead with more peace in your home.  After I implemented these tips, laundry was no longer something I dreaded.  


Let's jump in with my 5 Laundry Tips and Tricks---


1. Do 1 load of laundry every single day.

This is the MOST important tip I can give you.  If all others fail, keep up with this one!  Yep, you heard me right.  Do a load of laundry every single day.  If there's no laundry on a particular day, congratulations, you've done exactly what you're supposed to and have a day off!  Doing a load of laundry every day means... FROM START TO FINISH!  From washing, drying, folding, and putting away.  


2. Start a routine.

This tip leads from the first.  Choose a day to wash a particular load of laundry.  Example: Monday- towels, Tuesday- master bedding, Wednesday- kid's bedding and so on. You'll know what to wash each day.  The more you create muscle memory, the less you'll even have to think about it and you'll just do!


3. Time your loads.

Listen carefully to me on this one.  I have roughly timed how long it takes to wash a load of clothes and dry them.  This is so helpful for me and prevents me from leaving laundry in the washer for days until they are stinky and need to be re-washed! It takes approximately 40 minutes to wash my clothes and around 1.5 hours to dry them.  If it helps you remember, set a timer on your phone!  It might sound crazy, but if you struggle with leaving clothes in the washer you'll be happy to have this one in your back pocket!


3. Multi-task!

This one was incredibly helpful especially during the school year!  I would throw a load of laundry in before leaving for school drop off and by the time I would get home, it would be just about ready to throw in the dryer!  Figure out your daily schedule and think about how you can throw a load of laundry in and switch it over.  Our laundry room is in the basement and is on my way out the door to my car.  So, the easiest place for me to remember laundry is when I'm actually getting ready to leave to go somewhere.  Now, I will recommend that you don't leave your dryer running while you leave the house for fire hazard purposes.  Just think about the times of the day when it's easy to just throw a load in and go about another task.


4. You are not the only capable contributor in the home!

Moms, raise your kiddos to be contributors of the home (husbands, too).  I can't stress this enough  If your kids are at an appropriate chore helping age, teach them!  Here's an idea of how my children contribute for laundry.  My 6 year old son is in charge of folding our wash clothes and my 8 year old is in charge of folding our towels.


5. Children are amazing helpers!

Let's piggy back off #4.  Your children are capable and amazing helpers!  You will teach them life skills by including them in household chores and laundry.  Another example of how my children help with laundry is by putting their own clothes away.  This is incredibly helpful to me, as a mom, and to them for teaching responsibility!  You don't have to do it all, MOM!  


I hope you give yourself permission to do laundry in peace.  Teach your children to be helpers.  Manage your laundry in a very doable way!


You are loved.


Praying for you,

-Cara, The Quiver Full Momma


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