How Did The Quiver Full Momma Come To Be?

How Did The Quiver Full Momma Come To Be?

It’s been just over a year.

A little over a year ago, I left an “opportunity” that I felt the Lord calling me out of.

For close to a couple of months, I sat in conviction by the Holy Spirit of this “dream” I was actively pursuing and building. It got to the point that I would feel physically nauseous when I thought about sharing details about this opportunity.

About 2 months into this wrestling with the Lord, I finally stepped back and said, “ok, Lord, what is it?” And, within 24 hours, I knew it was time for me to walk away…and immediately.

Following in obedience with the Lord is not always easy.
But, when we choose to obey, He will establish our steps.

I physically shake now when I talk about what He pulled me out of, but the peace that came with the closure of that door is overwhelming.

During this period of transition, I was already working behind the scenes preparing for this “new dream”. For years, I wanted to run my own business. I knew within a few short months that my children would both be off to school for the first time. I would need to make the decision to return to the workforce or work for myself.

For nearly a year, I teeter tottered around without a clear vision, but continued to seek the Lord and actively pursue what He wanted for this.
Almost a year to the day, it became clear exactly where I needed this business and ministry to go.

The Quiver Full Momma is the result of walking in obedience with the Lord. I would not have this opportunity without saying goodbye to the last.

Encouraging Your Walk With The Lord is our mission.
Creating products that help encourage & uplift you and point you to the Lord.

We are so happy you are here.

I hope you leave this space encouraged.

Praying for you.

-Cara, The Quiver Full Momma

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